Businesses, charitable, and public sector organisations of all sizes who wish to support the armed forces community can sign the covenant. You make your own promises on how you will demonstrate your support.

Be a forces friendly employer

Reservists and veterans bring a variety of transferable skills and qualities to the civilian workplace, developed throughout their military careers.

These 3 short films eloquently articulate the range of transferable skills that a career in the military provides and MOD wholeheartedly endorses the key message that companies of all shapes and sizes should consider the proven business benefits of hiring veterans.


They have been produced by Deloitte (one of the earliest signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant and an Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award Winner) in collaboration with the Officers Association (a member of MOD’s Career Transition Partnership), Business in The Community and the Drive Project. It is important that whilst we continue to improve support for the minority of service leavers and their families who face challenges after leaving, we also recognise and celebrate that most veterans leave enriched by their service.

Being flexible to the unique situations of the wider armed forces community ensures fair treatment to all who are involved, including the spouses and partners, and cadet force adult volunteers. You decide how you want to support the armed forces community through your covenant promise.

Advice is available to help you to write and tailor your pledge . HERE

You can find out what the Armed Forces Covenant means for employers and get tips for covenant best practice. HERE

Organisations can work with Career Transition Partnership’s (CTP) recruitment service to find quality applicants for apprenticeships, full time and vocational work opportunities. CTP provide a personalised service to employers, regardless of size throughout the UK and overseas to understand your skills gaps and employment requirements. Another way to show your support is by offering discounts to the armed force community through the Defence Discount Service. Register for FREE .

Employer Recognition Scheme The Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) acknowledges employers who have provided exceptional support to the armed forces community and defence by going above and beyond their covenant pledges. Through a 3 tier approach of bronze, silver and gold awards, the scheme recognises the different levels of commitment provided by employers. This allows the Ministry of Defence to publicly thank and honour those organisation for their support. You can nominate yourself for a bronze award . Silver and gold awards are bestowed to organisations meeting specific criteria.

Further information

Further support for employers Help and advice for employers is available from Defence Relationship Management (DRM).

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